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1. What is a savoury yogurt?

A savoury yogurt is neither plain nor sweet. It sits right in the middle. It is salt-based and can be eaten with all cooked foods. Yogurt360® as a savoury yogurt is über delicious, nutritiously healthy and can be had any number of times daily guilt-free. Goes with anything and everything, Yogurt360® is simply the best savoury yogurt on the planet.

2. Does Yogurt360® contain nuts?

There are no nuts in Yogurt360®.

3. Does Yogurt360® contain artificial flavourings, colours or preservatives? Is it hormone free?

Yogurt360® contains no artificial flavourings, colours or preservatives whatsoever. It is completely hormone free and 100% natural.

4. What is BlueFlame® and BlueIce® technology?

BlueFlame® and BlueIce® is a methodology of heating something at a very high temperature for a very short amount of time and then cooling it very quickly to extremely cold temperatures before restoring it back to normality.

5. How do you achieve an "open" refrigerated shelf-life of 15 days?

Once our base yogurt is created, it is then fortified with over 50 secret key ingredients that are made using BlueFlame® and BlueIce® technology. This allows Yogurt360®, through Equinox Labs' rigorous testing, on the 15th open day to achieve its 5/5 rating in every category with no loss in texture, taste or smoothness at all. Remember Yogurt360® contains no preservatives, no artificial colouring and no added sugar whatsoever. It is 100% natural all the way.

6. Can Yogurt360® be frozen?

It is not advisable to freeze Yogurt360® as once the product is defrosted it will not return to its original smooth delicate and addictively delicious state!

7. I’m on a gluten free diet – can I eat Yogurt360?

You can enjoy Yogurt360® guilt-free, gluten free!

8. Is Yogurt360® suitable for vegetarians?

Yogurt360® is 100% vegetarian.

9. Is Yogurt360® safe to eat during pregnancy?

Yes, Yogurt360® is made with pasteurised milk.

10. Is Yogurt360® Jain diet friendly?

Absolutely. You can enjoy Yogurt360® being on a Jain diet!

11. Will my personal information be safely kept only with Yogurt360® when I make a purchase online or through the Yogurt360® app?

Absolutely, always. We do not pass on your information to third parties.

12. What if I have a question or concern about the yogurt itself?

Please get in touch with us directly at indulge@yogurt360.com

13. Who owns the Yogurt360® brand?

Our Founder & CEO, Shayan owns the brand Yogurt360® along with our investors.

14. Where do you source the milk for your yogurt?

The milk is purchased from local farmers. Our company has extraordinarily high requirements in terms of quality and animal welfare. The standards for our suppliers are formulated very carefully, and are updated regularly. Our cows from our contract farmers are kept free range. This means that the sheds have sufficient space to allow enough movement and depending on the the weather conditions the cows will be moved to the meadow. Everything is completely hormone free with Yogurt360!

15. Is Yogurt360® sugar-free? Can Diabetics have it?

We add no artificial sugar to Yogurt360®. It is completely artificially sugar-free and suitable for diabetics.

16. How many probiotics exist in Yogurt360?

Yogurt360® comprises an amazing 29 billion probiotics per single gram. Probiotics help build and maintain an incredibly strong immune system so feel free to have as much Yogurt360® as you like guilt-free!

17. Is Yogurt360® Indian?

Yogurt360® is 100% Indian made and proudly so. It has taken 2 years of development to get a product of such high International quality and nutrition standards into the market. Every detail has been looked into from the production to the cold supply chain to ensure you get the best quality product as we intended it!

Question Not Answered?

If for any reason your question is not answered here, you may email us directly at indulge@yogurt360.com

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