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Yogurt360® scores in spades when it is enjoyed by friends and family. But don't be alarmed or hurt if at most times people don't want to share their Yogurt360®. This happens more often than not...

In this selfish regard, quietly and calmly resort to taking it...BY FORCE!!!

Sold in a gorgeously packaged "Super-Savings" 1000ml Family Pack for Rs. 360, Yogurt360® is coming soon to Mumbai city in 2018. Made with BlueFlame® and BlueIce® technology and endorsed by fitness experts, celebrities and top nutritionists, Yogurt360® is deliciously addictive, über-healthy, comprises lowest-in-class calories, and can be had any number of times daily without guilt. A product for every generation, it is suitable for children, adults and everyone in between. It is 100% vegetarian and comprises no preservatives or artificial flavouring. It is completely hormone-free and comprises 29 billion (yeah that's BILLION) probiotics per gram. You can have it guilt-free daily and it will help you build an amazingly strong immune system! It's natural open shelf-life is a staggering 15 days as tested by Equinox Labs, India's largest food and water testing facility.

Go on then, indulge...you know you want to...

Tested by: Equinox Labs, India's Largest Food, Air, Water Testing Lab
Address: Equinox Solutions, Equinox Center, R65, MIDC, Rabale, Navi Mumbai 400701
Tel: +91 22 276 44111
Email: info@equinoxlab.com
Website: www.equinoxlab.com

Way Healthier Than Fruit & Frozen Yogurt!


As a single savoury yogurt with a million uses, Yogurt360® at its core is addictively delicious! It just so happens to also comprise lowest-in-class calories, almost a third of the carbohydrates and sugars in comparison to most fruit and frozen yogurts in the marketplace and is just way healthier overall. Don't believe us. Have a look at Equinox Labs' nutrition study below...

Tested by: Equinox Labs, India's Largest Food, Air, Water Testing Lab
Address: Equinox Solutions, Equinox Center, R65, MIDC, Rabale, Navi Mumbai 400701
Tel: +91 22 276 44111
Email: info@equinoxlab.com
Website: www.equinoxlab.com

100% Veg, Preservative-Free, Hormone-Free, Probiotic Friendly!

Yogurt360® is 100% vegetarian and natural. It features no artificial flavours and no preservatives. Filled with an epic amount of goodness, you can consume Yogurt360® any amount of times daily guilt-free daily. It is completely hormone-free and comprises 29 billion probiotics per gram. Probiotics help you build and maintain an incredibly strong immune system! Addictively delicious in taste, it is also fantastic as part of a healthy weight loss diet.

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Chefs & Critics

From the likes of Forbes to CNBC to India's Top Chefs, all that have reviewed Yogurt360® have come to absolutely love it for its addictively delicious taste, smoothness and incredible healthy nature. It's a downright winner!

You Name It, It Goes With It...

Methodology & Technology

Yogurt360® comprises a revolutionary highly secret recipe that is made using BlueFlame® technology, which is the cutting-edge methodology of cooking something on a very high flame for a very short span of time. It is then cooled using BlueIce® technology which gives Yogurt360® its delicate finesse, smoothness and all-rounded 360 degree flavour. This is also how it's shelf-life is naturally increased as well. Universally endorsed both critically and publicly, Yogurt360® is far superior than any normal run-of-the-mill processed yogurt in the marketplace, is 100% natural and features no preservatives or artificial colouring.

Quality & Consistency

Our process of quality control is unmatched. Everything is supervised by our Executive Chef and his world-class team to ensure 100% consistency across the board. As our focus is on a single product, all efforts are placed towards ensuring quality and consistency to our customers. If you're not happy with your Yogurt360®, simply Contact Us within 24hrs of your purchase and we'll get back to you as soon as possible. When getting in touch do mention the batch number of your Yogurt360® tub.

Make A Funny Face. You Know You Want To...

Yogurt360® is all about having fun and not taking life too seriously, about trying new things and really just having a blast with this new revelation of a product. Be it a North Indian, a Sardarji, a Zoroastrian P.A.R.S.I (People Always Ready to Serve India), a South Indian, a North Eastern or a Muslim, it transcends culture and brings people from all regions and walks of life together.

So we say, indulge and live it up!

Buy. Indulge. Repeat.

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